Compassion at Work Videos

Are you interested in watching leading practitioners in the area of compassionate leadership and organisations, discussing the benefits of compassion and self-compassion?


If so, be inspired by watching some of our compassion at work videos

Watch some of the leading lights the compassion field discuss how integrating compassion in to leadership, wellbeing and the broader workplace environment can have a powerful and transformative impact

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Compassion at Work Videos

TED Talk - How Compassion makes a good Leader

Watch this TEDx talk on the benefits of empathy and compassion for leaders

Compassionate Management with LinkedIn CEO

Watch a discussion with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner on Compassionate Management

Prof Michael West
on Compassionate Leadership

Listen to Professor Michael West discuss compassionate leadership

Why we need more empathy in the workplace

Listen to Shola Kaye discuss why we need more empathy in the workplace