Compassionate Wellbeing Sessions

Find out about how to increase psychological health with our employee wellbeing sessions

The single most important component of any business are its people. 

With a healthy, happy and engaged set of employees, any business is more likely to be successful and sustainable. With a burntout, overwhelmed and unhappy set of employees, the decline of a business is inevitable. 

At BalO, we see the wellbeing of employees as central to what we do and specialise in

Compassionate Wellbeing Sessions

We’ve developed a variety compassionate wellbeing courses suitable for your team. Whether these are stand along sessions, or part of an ongoing wellbeing course or strategy, we’ve got options that will help your team to flourish. 


Understanding Ourselves

Before we take action, it’s good to understand ourselves. This course explores how our minds work, and how we can get our of balance at work. We also explore how to turn this knowledge in to wise action

Developing our Compassionate Minds

Science is clearly showing that we give and receive e compassion, this leads to increases in wellbeing and reductions in stress. Learn how to develop your compassionate mind 

Learning to connect with the positive

It’s hard to stay connected to positive things in life when we’re busy, stressed and tired. Learn about the benefits of positive feelings and emotions, and how to connect with these in a helpful way

Managing Stress: Compassionate Resilience

We can’t avoid work being stressful, but we can learn how to manage it in a wise way. Learn how self-compassion is a powerful way of supporting ourselves at work

Learning about mental health and wellbeing

Unfortunately, sometimes people will experience a variety of mental health difficulties. Whether for ourselves or our colleagues, it’s useful to learn what the signs are, and how to talk about this

How mindfulness supports wellbeing

Mindfulness is a powerful tool for helping people to manage difficulties in life, like work stress and worries. But it also helps to develop greater wellbeing. Learn more in this course

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