How we can help

At the heart of BalO is a belief that compassion sits at the centre of all the important aspects of your organisation 

At Balo we take a multifaceted compassion focused approach to working with organisations, and bringing greater balance and well-being. 


One of the major models we use to help you understand your organisation is based on the ideas of Psychologist Paul Gilbert OBE and in particular, a model called the three system model


For a short introduction to the model, watch this video

We are passionate about how compassion can support and transform all aspects of your organisation 

Here’s how we can help you

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is a topic very dear to our hearts. A topic that triggers a multitude of emotions in all of us as humans, dependent not only on the colour of our skin but on the environment and society we were brought up in.

Bringing a compassionate motive to the ways in which we have open conversations around Diversity + Inclusion allows us to discuss difficult topics and find longer lasting solutions. We can review your Diversity and Inclusion strategy and run workshops that can facilitate these difficult conversations

Employee Well-being

Well-being has moved up the rankings on the agenda for every human and every organisation since the pandemic. At BalO we believe it is fundamental to the pursuit of balance. When it comes to well-being in organisations we see the focus needing to shift towards a eudemonic approach, one that brings the balance of responsibility between the individual and the company back into equilibrium. 

We will asses your current well-being offerings, help you co-creating a strategy that aligns to the organisations wider ambitions and provide you with a plan for next steps

Personal Development

Life long learning not only builds resilience to change but can also bring incredible joy if humans work within their Ikigai (sense of purpose). Developing tools and techniques to nurture ourselves – and in turn nurture our relationships with others – will enable balance and flourishing. Here at BalO we will support you through a compassion focussed coaching at individual and group level. 

This can be done in person, remotely or even between two peers.

Building Better Teams

Our teams are only as strong as the weakest connection within them. A common theme we see in teams that aren’t able to reach a high functioning state is that they all have high levels of threat within them. Our passion at BalO is in creating highly functioning teams where diversity of minds can flourish, enabling faster delivery and an increase in creativity.

When it comes to supporting teams, we like to observe before we recommend. We will then design and deliver team development programmes which often incorporate training modules, individual coaching and some peer-peer honest conversations

Mental Health Support

Our journey began with mental health. Chris’s career to date has centred here, and Jamesina went through her own personal journey which led her to compassion focussed therapy. For this reason we will always be promoters and supporters of positive mental health.

We have a wide range of self-service modules on this topic but we also run workshops and talks for organisations wanting to expand their understanding, approach and skills in working with their employee mental health

Culture Transformation

When asked, most companies know their commercial targets. But what if our cultural targets didn’t run in parallel but actually supported those commercial targets?  The route to success lies within an organisation’s ability to completely culturally transform itself.

We can help with this, starting by assessing your organisation’s strategy alongside its existing culture. Then building a programme which enables the unlearning and re-learning of new mindsets and new behaviours. This can also be delivered through workshops, training and coaching