Online Self-Compassion Course

Check out our self-guided, evidenced-based self-compassion course

What does the online self-compassion course involve?

In our weekly 30-minute videos, we will introduce you to key ideas and exercises based on Compassionate Mind Training (CMT). 

We’ll teach you practical methods and techniques that have been scientifically proven to increase self-compassion, reduce self-criticism and shame, and help you lead a happier, more fulfilling

Between these weekly videos, you’ll have access to guided audio practices and reading material to help you along your your journey towards self-compassion and wellbeing.

What is Self-Compassion?

Self-compassion is an integral part of emotional health, and involves treating yourself with kindness, care and support. 

This means relating to yourself in a similar way that you do with those you love and care for.

There are two important parts to self-compassion:

1) The ability to notice & tolerate our distress
2) Develop wise ways to relieve distress in a helpful

Self-compassion – like mindfulness – has repeatedly been found to be a powerful approach for dealing with emotional distress, self-criticism & psychological difficulties like low mood and stress.

What does the Self-Compassion Course involve?

Session 1

Learn about what self-compassion is, how it can help you, and how to lay foundations for it to be build on

Session 2

Learn how to build your compassionate self, and tap in to wisdom, strength and commitment to change your life

Session 3

Practice a number of self-compassion exercises designed to reduce distress and promote wellbeing

Session 4

Learn how to bring compassion in to your day-to-day life, working with common life difficulties

Each session is accessed online, and comes with a written summary sheet of the topics covered, along with an audio practice to use between sessions

How can Self-Compassion Course help your employees?

Published research has found that the self-compassion courses leads to:

Significantly Higher


Positive Emotions



Significantly Lower




Psychological Distress

Who is the Self-Compassion Course guided by?

Dr Chris Irons

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Chris Irons

Hi, i’m Chris. I’m a clinical psychologist specialising in how compassion and self-compassion can have powerful impact on reducing psychological distress and an increase in wellbeing

In my experience, we don’t tend to treat ourselves with the same kindness & care as we do our friends. In fact, sadly we can often treat ourselves with self-criticism and judgement that’s commonly be found to be linked to stress, anxiety and low mood. Unfortunately, this can have a significant negative affect on our ability to be the best version of us at work. 

In this online self-compassion course i’ve taken 15 years of clinical experience as a therapist & developed a short, engaging, evidence-based course to help you become more caring and supportive of yourself

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