What We Do

Whether you are looking to transform your leadership team, re-design your wellbeing strategy, provide in-house coaching or consider your diversity and inclusion approach, we are here to help

At BalO we view every puzzle as an exciting challenge, and by approaching these with compassion we will support you in finding a path that fits with your organisation

What we do


“You idiot”, “Why did you say that?”, “Who asked your opinion?”, “You always mess things up”

Sometimes we speak to ourselves in ways that we would never dream of speaking to others. Often our internal critics are so embedded that we don’t even notice their cruelty. What we don’t realise is how this then creates an imbalance in our internal systems and how this imbalance not only manifests in physiological discomfort but also in how we interact with others and how we make decisions

Building a compassionate self helps re-balance these internal systems


The success of a business lies within its ability to connect all the relating parts. We look at every engagement holistically, ensuring that wellbeing, performance and leadership transformation are co-ordinated and mutually supportive.

Our consulting services range from advisory to strategy development, providing a compassionate perspective to any business problem






When we ask CEOs “What is your vision for the future of your company?”, the majority can give a clear and concise answer. When we ask the same CEOs “What is your vision for the future of your people?”, the number of blank faces increases drastically.

At BalO we believe these two visions are inseparable. Our visioning workshops inspire and connect the dots between people and company performance. These workshops include:

  1. – How can we build a safe environment?
  2. – Defining the role of our Mental Health First Aiders
  3. – Visioning for a wellbeing strategy
  4. – Transforming ourselves into ONE team
  5. – Self care is not selfish

Online Training

“Sometimes I like doing my self-learning in smaller groups in my own time, at my own pace”

We know how busy work can be, and how training can feel like it takes us away from – rather than towards – important things. Our online training comes in two forms:

  1. 1. Self-learning courses, focused on increasing compassion and building the compassionate self. This includes:
  2. – a four week self-compassion course
  3. – an eight week Compassionate Mind Training course
  5. 2. Peer-peer learning where you can use our platform to connect in a one-one setting and discuss/debate what you have learnt
    • Our trainings include:
  1. – Compassionate Leadership
  2. – Diversity and Inclusion
  3. – Managing Stress