Compassionate Leadership & Consultancy

BalO will help you discover how compassion connects the dots between leadership, performance & well-being

How we can help you:

1. Leadership Development

Compassionate Leadership

Our compassionate leadership development programmes support teams to realise their potential, navigate periods of change, and build the resilience required to lead a business in a rapidly changing world.


2. Executive Coaching

Compassion coaching

Our bespoke Executive Coaching programmes help your leaders with the tools they need to support their own wellbeing, make effective decisions, tolerate distress and build more effective relationships


3. Strategy Consulting

compassion strategy consulting

Our team are experienced at faciliating the development of company strategies. We enable organisations to establish their values and North Star and use this to develop a sustainable strategy.


4. Training &

compassion training

We offer a range of evidenced based staff training and wellbeing courses, aimed at helping organisations consider how the principals of compassion can help achieve their goals and support success.


BalO's Founders

Jamesina Sainsbury

Jamesina Sainsbury, Balo Founder
Jamesina is a strategic consultant and executive coach who spent her early career working in operational excellence for manufacturing companies. 

She soon decided that there is no operational excellence without human flourishing and found her passion was in enabling people to perform at their best. 
Since then she has worked with organisations across the globe to help them shape their leadership teams, cultures and workplace environments.

Chris Irons

Chris Irons, Balo Founder
Chris a Clinical Psychologist who is passionate in how compassion – for others & ourselves – can have a transformational affect on life, relationships & well-being. 
He has spent much of the last 20 years researching, writing about, teaching and training people, teams and organisations about the benefits of compassion, and how to cultivate compassion in authentic and sustainable ways.
Chris is the author of five compassion-related books, as well as the self-compassion app

Why is compassionate leadership important for organisations?

The average person will spend about a fifth of their life at work – and it makes a big difference whether you feel your manager, colleagues and organisation more generally are kind, caring and supportive, or critical, disparaging and unhelpful.

At BalO we believe that all organisations can benefit from becoming more compassionate and caring to their staff. Let us help you to create an environment that facilitates psychological safety and support, and in turn, a happier workplace and better performing teams.

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Features of compassionate organisations

Higher employee well-being, happiness and positive emotions

Lower employee turnover, absenteeism and psychological distress

Higher compassion between colleagues, and to customers

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