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Jamesina and Chris first met in 2019 over their mutual interest in how compassion should form the bedrock of any organisation’s culture 

BalO – Balanced Organisations – grew out of this shared passion, to offer compassion-focused ways of supporting organisations develop caring, sustainable cultures in which employees thrive, succeed and feel connected to each other and their organisation 

Jamesina Sainsbury


Jamesina Sainsbury, Balo Founder

Jamesina is the first British Born Chinese in her family who immigrated to the UK from Canton China. As the first English speaker in her family she spent a large part of her childhood acting as a translater and helping out in her parents takeaway from an early age. This is where she learnt the importance of process and efficiency. 

When Jamesina graduated 12 years ago she began her career in operational excellence but soon figured out that there is no operational excellence without human flourishing. She found her passion was in enabling people to perform at their best. Since then she has worked with organisations across the globe to help shape their leadership and culture. Her talent is in connecting multidimensional topics with a holistic lens, and through combining compassion with her expertise in strategy, people and high performance she enables the organisations she works with to find greater balance.

Jamesina has worked with leaders in the financial, pharmaceutical, and public sector industries, bringing her passion for people and high performance to help companies create engaging and compassionate environments.

Dr Chris Irons


Chris is a clinical psychologist, trainer, author and researcher. From a young age he was lucky to learn the importance of kindness and compassion as values from family members who were dedicated in helping others.  Through these influences, Chris went on to train as a clinical psychologist and for many years, worked in the NHS with people suffering from a variety of mental health problems.

Chris is internationally recognised for his work on self-compassion and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). He has trained over 15,000 professionals in over 20 countries, and led workshops at the School of Life and The Guardian newspaper.

He’s the author of five books, over 30 research papers and book chapters, and is one of the co-authors of the Self-Compassion App.  Chris is passionate in bringing compassion focused ideas to as many people as possible.

Chris Irons, Balo Founder

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