Executive Coaching

Enabling and empowering the leaders of the future to find their own authentic leadership style through Compassion Focused Coaching (CFC).

As leaders in our ever-changing world, you work hard to deliver success whilst navigating uncertainty, pressure and targets.

This can be a demanding role, particularly when trying to hold in mind the difficulties, distress and struggles that the people you lead also experience.

Our Compassion Focused Coaching (CFC) approach was developed specifically to support leaders in how developing skills and competence in compassion - for ourselves and others - can lead to personal growth and improved leadership skills.

Our 10 Step 'Compassion Focused Coaching' Approach

We've developed an innovative, 10-step Compassion Focused Coaching (CFC) approach, designed to help leaders identify, understand and work skilfully with whatever difficulties they might face at work

Developed in conjunction with CEOs and leaders, on the foundations of evidenced based Compassion Focused Therapy, CFC involves:

- Exploring what is needed and helpful

- Understanding how and why we can get out of balance at work

- Developing skills for emotional balance and helpful relationships - Compassionate Mind Training

- Turning the compassionate mind towards change

- Maintaining progress and planning for the future

What Compassion Focused Coaching can help you with?

1. Leadership Development

Most leaders enter their roles without training and even in cases where you have had training there are always gaps that appear in your toolkit and skills as a leader. BalO helps leaders with their development into authentic, whole leaders individually and as groups

2. Strengthening Relationships

Whilst we know that not all relationships are equal, all relationships take work. Our compassionate coaching approach supports leaders to build on their compassionate competencies enabling them to build stronger better relationships


3. Role Change

Whether you are looking for the next step in your career or have started in a new role, compassionate coaching can help you identify your areas for growth.

4. Finding Balance

We know that ‘leaders’ and ‘balance’ are not often words that find harmony together. However we believe everyone can find better balance through a combination of changing the way you work and the way you think

Flexible & Tailored Coaching


Benefit from the input and wisdom of our coaches in-house

Individualised Programmes

Develop an individualised coaching programme that fits the needs of your leaders 

Peer to Peer Coaching

Utilise the strengths of your team to build change and effectiveness

Benefits of Coaching

Coaching can have a profound affect on bringing change. These include (amongst others):

– Identifying difficulties and inhibitors to effective working

– Establishing goals, change and goals 

– Developing skills to bring change and move forward

– Improve the relationship with ourselves and our colleagues

– Increase job satisfaction and meaning

– Become a more effective and caring leader


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