Compassion Training & Events

Interested in finding out how to cultivate compassion in your organisation? 

Take a look at our compassion trainings, courses, workshops and events 

At BalO we’re passionate about how compassion can transform organisation to be more supportive, caring and ultimately, effective and productive.

One powerful way to bring compassionate change to your organisation is by engaging in one of our compassion training or events.

When we ask CEOs “What is your vision for the future of your company?”, the majority can give a clear and concise answer. When we ask the same CEOs “What is your vision for the future of your people?”, it’s often not so easy to answer

Compassion Training for your Organisation

At BalO we believe these two visions are inseparable. Our workshops are designed to inspire and connect the dots between people and company performance. 

These workshops include:

  • Compassionate Leadership

– How can we build a safe environment
– Visioning for a wellbeing strategy
– Transforming ourselves into ONE team
– Employee Wellbeing Courses 

Compassionate Leadership Training (CLT)

There is now growing evidence for benefit of organisations having compassionate leaders. This includes higher:

– employee engagement and retention

– positive emotions at work

– productivity

– customer service

We have a number of different options for you to benefit from our Compassionate Leadership Training (CLT)

1. Face-to-Face Training

Get in touch to find out about our in person compassionate leadership training

2. Online Training

Get in touch to find out about our online compassionate leadership training

Employee Well-being Courses (EWC)

Your employees are the single most important thing to your organisation. Find out about our various compassion trainings that might work for you.

Face-to-Face Wellbeing Sessions

Schedule in one of our engaging, educational and evidenced based employee wellbeing courses

Online Self-Guided Course

Enroll your employees in our evidence based Online Self-Compassion Course

The Self-Compassion App

Support employee wellbeing with The Self-Compassion App for your employees

Compassion Events

Compassion helps to bring people together. At BalO we’re keen to facilitate people interested in bringing compassionate change to organisations, leadership and employee wellbeing to discuss how to do this, what helps and what hinders this.

Compassion conference

Compassion in Organisations – Conference

 We’re currently in the planning for our first annual ‘Compassion in Organisations’ conference! 

If you’re interested in:

– learning more

– helping out

– suggesting topics or speakers

please get in touch with us on

If you’d like to find out more about how to bring compassion to your organisation, get in touch with us here

If you’re interested in more compassion-focused resources, take a look at our colleges at Balanced Minds