Strategy Consulting

A well-designed, compassion-focused strategy connects all the moving parts around one critical success factor – your people

How many strategies does your organisation have? And how often do these end as documents that never see the light of day once the strategy session is over?

How many of your strategies have overlapping themes, but are delivered in siloes? 

At BalO, strategy is about the creation of a vision and direction, the connection of all the common parts, the integration of all things people related and finally the drumming of the beat as you start to implement 

Our expertise lies in bringing existing strategies to life, supporting organisations to think holistically and inclusively through the lens of compassion. To connect dots and the facilitating the of new strategies through care and connectedness. 

With nearly two decades experience supporting business leaders in different industries, we bring a deep understanding of the commercial while applying a compassionate approach to our consulting.

How we can help your strategy development

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Employee Engagement

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